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Office Moving

Moving your office is a formidable task. Let Jay’s Moving and Storage shoulder some of the burden, we understand the challenges of office relocation.

It’s very likely that your move is just one portion of a larger project that will include:

  • Finding new office space
  • Leasehold improvements
  • Arranging staff services at the new office
  • Physically moving your records, equipment, furniture and IT infrastructure, and
  • Reconnecting components and restarting operations after your move

It is a LOT to organize, especially when you need to continue to run your core business!

You need to consider many elements, such as taking inventory of everything to be moved (or not moved!), contracting a mover, arranging client communications, scheduling connection / disconnection of utilities, staff communication and orientation and a thousand other things!

Take a look at a more comprehensive office move checklist (with a few ideas on how to handle them!).

Here’s a little about our role in your move. Some of the tasks Jay’s can do for you are:

·         Pack, remove and relocate your files

·         Disassemble, pack and relocate your furniture systems

·         Pack and relocate your computer equipment

·         Set up furniture and place containers in the correct locations at the new site.

Ask about our plastic tote rental for office moves – they’re convenient and environmentally sound.

Each move is different, and the services package that works best for you will depend on your requirements and timeline for completion of the move! Our experienced commercial movers will help you escape the common – and uncommon – errors people make when moving an office.

Connect with Jay’s Office Moving team today! Call 1(877) 715-7421 or fill out the form for a quote.

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