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Family matters to Jay’s Moving Saskatchewan!

Moving is complex at the best of times, but some circumstances can add even more challenge to the task. Moving seniors or relocating a family with babies or small children are particularly demanding scenarios. At Jay’s, your Saskatchewan moving company, we know that family matters because we are a family moving families!

If you are a parent or guardian of babies, young children, or anyone who requires extra supervision, you will be under even more pressure during a move. Your family members will still need to be taken care of, and might even need more of your attention because they may be upset by the commotion caused by your relocation.

Jay’s has experienced moving consultants who can make a huge difference when you are managing all of these stressors. Your consultant will help by monitoring the move so that essential tasks are not forgotten and they can offer tips to help you cope with the disruption to your routine.

School aged children sometimes are resistant to moving because they are reluctant to leave their friends, a school they enjoy and the neighborhood they are accustomed to. Point out the benefits of moving to them to try and elicit some enthusiasm from your children. Maybe they can look forward to having a bedroom of their own instead of sharing or perhaps you can allow them some freedom to decorate their new space.

If possible, give your children a tour of the new neighborhood. Locate (maybe even visit) their new school, the rec centre and local parks and playgrounds.

Moving seniors can be even more complicated. Sometimes they are unable to manage the relocation for themselves, and it falls to their children or other relatives to step in and assist.

How do you manage this when your senior family member lives in another city?

You also might need to overcome their opposition to moving, especially if it means relinquishing independence.

Your moving consultant will act as liason, keeping you informed about the move. They can arrange for the necessary third party services like appliance disconnection and reconnection.

Your Jay’s consultant will make every effort to be available whenever you have questions about your senior family member’s relocation.

You can count on the fact that Jay’s Moving Saskatchewan understands that moving is a lot more than just transferring your possessions from one place to another. It can mean a new beginning for everyone in your family, and our goal is to make the whole process a positive experience for all concerned, because family matters!

...thank you for your part in seeing that we had a very successful move. We certainly would use Jay’s again, should circumstances warrant another move and will certainly recommend Jay’s Moving & Storage.

Al & Sandra Betts
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