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General Moving Tips

Packing For MoveWhen you’re moving house there are a million things to remember. Sometimes, it’s hard to figure out where to start! Keep on top of the relocation process whether it’s local or long distance with these general moving tips from the experienced professionals at Jay’s Moving & Storage.

With over 50 years of experience Jay’s has a reputation for careful planning and skillful management of the whole moving process. This is why our customers are truly satisfied with their relocation experience. We even help you focus on more important matters by providing a moving coordinator to manage your entire move.

Call Jay's at 1(877) 715-7421 for a move estimate anywhere in Canada and the United States.

Here are some general moving tips to make your work easier:
  • Determine what you want moved, put aside for a garage sale or charity, and which items need to be thrown away. This step will help your moving service give a more accurate estimate of transportation costs;
  • It’s a good idea to purchase boxes and packing supplies from your moving company if you are going to do your own packing. They are more durable and cleaner than what you may rustle up from friends or at the local grocery store;
  • Movers won’t remove things from walls or empty cabinets for you. So factor in the time you will need for this to avoid last minute panic;
  • Keep aside things you need for travel, so you don’t have to go rushing out to buy a new toothbrush because it’s packed away somewhere and you DO need one;
  • It’s wise to let professional packers handle large and delicate items. Packing costs are insignificant when compared to sentimental and intrinsic value;
  • Carefully pack electronics like flat screen televisions, computers and music systems to avoid damage;
  • Appliances have to be cleaned and serviced;
  • Keep all manuals and warranties in a safe place, a file folder works well;
  • Notify educational institutions, health care providers, banking and insurance services about your relocation;
  • Contact utility companies to have your services turned off;
  • Obtain any necessary travel permission for your pets and figure out if you can bring your plants;
  • If you’re moving cross-border your moving company can advise you about what you can take with – and what you shouldn’t!;
  • Hazardous materials cannot be transported by your movers - and you shouldn’t try to take them with you either;
  • Keep all important documentation, papers and jewellery with you; and
  • Ask your movers to tell you what to expect on moving day.

Good Moving BoxesJay’s Moving & Storage has helped thousands of families relocate smoothly, whether across town, across the country or internationally. We’ll take time to explain the entire process and answer all your questions. Our staff is experienced in the business and are renown for their friendly and courteous service. Let our moving coordinator manage your smooth move!

Talk to the experts at Jay’s about your relocation plans! Call 1(877) 715-7421.

 Last December I had booked Jay's to pack and move the contents of our son's home in Regina.  I certainly appreciated the in home visit from your moving consultant and his trainee.  On Thursday, Dec. 11/14 two Jay’s workers arrived at the house to pack the contents and did so in record time.  They did a very good job and were very careful when wrapping and packing the items.

On Friday, Dec. 12th three fellows from Moose Jaw and one from Regina showed up to move the contents.  These young fellows worked very hard, seldom took a break and handled the furniture and boxes with care.

I felt it was important to let Jay's know they have six very good employees that worked diligently to do their job to the best of their ability, were very pleasant and certainly gave Jay's a great reputation.  If I hear of anyone looking for a moving company, I will be recommending Jay's

Thank you,
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