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Holding a Garage Sale

Garage Sale SignA garage or moving sale is an excellent way to get rid of things you no longer need. Why pack it up and pay to move it? You can sell it, make money and save money at the same time! Sorting your household items prior to moving will also help you reduce clutter. Separate your goods into labeled bins or boxes according to belongings you want to move with you, those for a garage sale, things for charity, and stuff to recycle or throw away.

Holding a garage sale is a great way to recycle and reduce your moving costs!

Jay’s Moving & Storage has been helping families move for over 50 years throughout Saskatchewan, all over Canada and the United States. We will never compromise on the quality of our moving service and we’re reliable, safe and affordable.

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Jay’s offers these helpful tips to holding a garage sale:

  • Weekends are the best time to hold a garage sale. Plan the sale well in advance of your move and avoid holiday weekends;
  • Assess the location to determine where to display things, it’s a good idea to keep valuables close (on your porch or inside the garage) or where you’re going to be;
  • Make a back up plan in case of bad weather;
  • Price everything in advance (use price tags and mention clothing size). A general rule of thumb is to charge between 40-50% of retail price for new items and 10-20% for used or older stuff;
  • Moving sales can attract more attention than garage sales, so advertise appropriately in your local newspaper;
  • Build a sign board to place out front and print flyers to distribute in your neighbourhood. Tell everyone; neighbours, friends and relatives;
  • On the day, present goods neatly (use tables and racks) and be ready 20-30 minutes in advance;
  • Make sure you have change, a calculator, a cash box and provide shopping bags;
  • Keep your house locked to prevent people from going in, unless your sale includes objects in your home. Supervise visitors closely;
  • Expect to bargain and reduce prices close to the end of your moving sale; and
  • Give away, recycle or donate anything that remains after the garage sale. Remove all signs.

Now that you have held a successful garage sale you will have money in your pocket, and less to pack and move! Call Jay’s Moving at 1(877) 715-7421 for an accurate move estimate. We’ll get it there on time and within budget.

I did get another quote from a reputable moving company and it actually came in a few hundred dollars lower than yours. You were the difference. I felt you knew exactly what you were doing when you were here, and when we spoke on the phone. I did not get that “vibe” from the other estimator and thought our actual moving cost would vary greatly from his estimate. You made me feel completely comfortable with your friendly attitude, even through our changes.

Thanks again.

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