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How to Evaluate your Moving Estimate

When planning your move you are likely to get moving estimates from several companies – and they will differ!  How do you evaluate your moving estimate and make the right decision?  Jay’s Moving Saskatchewan offers this advice to help you make the right choice.
What can you expect after you call Jay's Moving Saskatchewan?
·         Jay’s will provide a copy of our Moving Estimator spreadsheet so that you can see the various options and parameters involved in estimating your costs
·         To help you throughout your relocation an experienced moving consultant will be assigned
·         The consultant will arrange an in-home consultation at your convenience (free of charge and no obligation!)
What can you expect during your consultation?
·         Your moving consultant will ask a series of questions about your relocation requirements
·         They will ask you which items need to be moved and which are to remain
·         They will gauge any possible complications in removing your belongings (awkward staircases, elevators, or narrow hallways)
·         Your consultant will explain the services you may need such as partial or full packing, appliance disconnection and reconnection, and exactly what these involve, to help you determine what you need, and
·         Explain the options for short and long term storage, as well as answering any other questions you may have
After your initial consultation Jay’s will provide an estimate based on the requirements you gave them during the consultation. How do you evaluate the quote?
·         Your moving estimate is based on the services that you have requested (packing services, short or long term storage and third party services like the disconnection and reconnection of your appliances)
·         It’s crucial that you tell us exactly what you need; an accurate quote is dependent on clarity. If you change your mind about which services you need we can adjust the quote to reflect your new requests
At this point, you will need to make a decision based on the estimates you have gathered and the research you have done on the moving companies from whom you have obtained quotes.  
·         Make sure you are comparing apples to apples.  You must provide the same list of goods and service requirements to each moving company to be able to directly compare moving estimates
·         Take into account the moving company’s accumulated years of experience and all the references and reviews you were able to find
·         Ask if they offer a maximum weight guarantee based on their quote, to learn if they are confident in their estimate, and
·         If all communications you’ve had with their representatives has been prompt, courteous, and professional it’s a good indication you can expect that level of service to continue.
Now that you’ve learned how to evaluate your moving estimate, we believe you’ll make the right choice with Jays Moving Saskatchewan! Call us at (877) 715-7421 for an estimate today.

 Our business is emergency water and fire damage restoration.  Jay’s has always been accommodating to our last minute scheduling. Time and time again their ability to “fit us in” has saved the day. We trust that our customers will be treated with respect and their contents will be handled with the highest level of care. 

Rob Benoit
Cameo / First General Services

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