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Jay’s Moving Saskatchewan | How to reduce moving stress

Moving, whether local or long distance is stressful. At Jay’s, your Saskatchewan moving company, we are familiar with the entire moving process and can offer help to reduce your moving stress.

That old saying; if you fail to plan, you plan to fail is quite appropriate when preparing to move. Coordination and organization are critical elements of a well planned and executed relocation.

Few people move frequently and really understand (or remember) everything that needs to be done. Jay’s will assign a knowledgeable moving consultant who understands the entire process and ensures that nothing is left to chance. Having experience like this to guide you will give you peace of mind and reduce your stress.

You might choose to pack your own items or reduce your workload (and your stress) by using our professional packing services. Jay’s can provide full packing services as well as partial pack if you just want to have very fragile, valuable or awkward things professionally packed.

Perhaps you are worried about possible damage to your treasured belongings; you can rest assured that our professional packers and movers use all the correct packing supplies such as:

  • Crates for specialty items;
  • Furniture pads;
  • Bubble wrap;
  • Packing paper, and
  • Tissue paper.

Jay’s always uses the proper packing boxes for specific items like:

  • Wardrobe boxes so your clothing can hang to reduce wrinkling;
  • China barrels to safely transport your dishes;
  • Mirror cartons to pack your artwork, and
  • Book boxes.

People are often stressed during a move because they don’t know what to do or when it should be done. You can rely on your consultant; they are familiar with the entire process. Feel free to ask questions of any of the Jay’s team at any time during your move, we are confident that all of our employees are well trained, competent and happy to answer your questions.

We make every effort to ensure that your move is as free from stress as possible, and if any complications do arise, we will work very hard to find the best solution. Jay’s has decades of experience in the moving industry and we are prepared for almost any situation, so let our experience go to work for you!

Yes, moving can be stressful, but the stress can be reduced! Jay’s Moving Division in Saskatchewan will help organize and coordinate everything so your move can be a less stressful experience. Call on us for help at 1(877) 715-7421!

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