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Why should you hire a moving company for local moving?

A lot of people think it’s possible to save money by doing their own local move, but they don’t factor in all the costs of diy local moving. The professionals at Jay’s Moving Divisions have some advice you should consider before opting to move yourself. Don’t lose sight of things like:

  • What is your time worth?
  • Can you count on a crowd of willing friends and family (who own pickup trucks)?
  • What happens if you injure yourself and have to take time off work?
  • What if your buddy causes a traffic accident while transporting your belongings?

Maybe your local move entails downsizing a senior member of your family. What if you aren’t able to be there to pack their things or perform the move? There are a number of scenarios and risks that could prove costly, if you choose to perform your own local move.

Tips for your local move:

  • Start with a thorough moving checklist;
  • Hold a garage or moving sale to reduce the size of your shipment,your moving costs, and make some extra cash;
  • Book your services well in advance, to ensure you can get help when you need it;
  • If you’re moving to or from a condo or an apartment, book an elevator for the day of your move, and
  • Mark every box clearly with the name of the room in which it belongs.

If you choose to hire Jay’s for your local move:

  • You can purchase good quality moving boxes from Jay’s and return those that are still in good condition after your move for a 75% refund;
  • You can even have us do the packing for you, that certainly makes things easier;
  • An experienced moving consultant can visit your home to make an assessment of your shipment and offer timely advice, and
  • If you need to move a senior friend and relative, the moving consultant will act as liason to keep you informed.

Our local moving services offer at an hourly rate, a modern, dependable truck and two experienced workers. We will load your possessions, transport and unload them, placing items in the new location as per your instructions.

You might be wise to reconsider a diy local move, especially when you understand how much easier local moving could be if you hire a reliable moving company like Jay’s Moving & Storage in Saskatchewan at (877) 715-7421.

... We have moved several times over the years - including an overseas relocation, so have had many experiences dealing with moving companies. No one can compare with the service we received through Jay’s. None of our items were damaged and all my plants survived which came as an enormous relief! I would not hesitate to recommend Jay’s in the future.

Thanks So Much!!
Marcy Adams
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