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One thing that every relocation has in common is the need for moving boxes. Jay’s, your Saskatchewan moving company has all the proper moving supplies to make sure your possessions are packed securely.

We have several different types of packing materials including:

  • 2 cubic foot moving boxes;
  • 4 cubic foot moving boxes;
  • 5 cubic foot moving boxes;
  • China cartons;
  • Small Mirror cartons;
  • Large Mirror cartons;
  • Wardrobe cartons;
  • Paper in 25 lb rolls, and
  • Tape

These packing materials are available for purchase from Jay’s if you are doing some (or all) of your own packing.

If you are moving locally with Jay's, used moving boxes that are still in good condition may be returned for a 100% refund.

Jay’s offers some complimentary packing materials when using us for a long distance move.

Our moving boxes are, on average, used 4 times before being recycled. This means that we use moving supplies efficiently while maintaining a high quality product for our clients.

Don’t depend on those soggy vegetable boxes scrounged from your local grocer! Use the proper moving supplies to help ensure your belongings reach their destination undamaged. The refund we offer on used moving boxes means it needn’t be expensive. Your Jay’s Moving Saskatchewan consultant can advise you on how many moving boxes you need, just ask!

My mom has mentioned a couple of times that she wants to tell you she was very impressed with your movers.  I'm sure if she sees you, she will mention it to you personally, but I know she was very happy with how it went.

As you know, moving can be a stressful event, but Jay's certainly stepped up to the plate and alleviated that stress for my mom and I am personally grateful for the professionalism and politeness your movers extended to my mom.

Very best regards,

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