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Mirror Carton Video

For our customers who want to do some or all of their own packing, we recommend they invest in quality moving supplies from Jay’s Saskatchewan movers. Our full range of moving boxes, includes specialty products like our mirror carton.

Mirror cartons are the best boxes in which to pack your large, flat and fragile items including mirrors and artwork. They have inner and outer pieces that work together to securely hold and cushion your fragile things. It’s important that you assemble your mirror cartons correctly so that the contents are well protected, so we’ve made this short video to demonstrate how to do so.

In the video, Jay’s professional packer, Ashley, and our Regional Manager, Terry, show exactly how to assemble the components of a mirror carton and also offer some tips on how to cushion the contents with packing paper, including where NOT to put paper. This detail is not commonly known by folks who don’t spend their days packing up households and businesses and it can help your valuable things arrive safely.

Check out our mirror carton video, and if you would like to get an accurate moving estimate, call Jay’s in Saskatchewan at (877) 715-7421.

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