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Moving and storage services go hand in hand! Reliable moving companies like Jay’s Moving Saskatchewan can provide both short and long term moving storage options.

There might be a gap between the time you must leave your old residence and when you can move into the new place. Or maybe you are building and construction doesn’t quite stay on schedule (does it ever?). Whatever the situation, if you need to store your belongings during your move, either short (up to 60 days) or long term, Jay’s can offer options to suit your storage requirements.

Jay’s Moving Saskatchewan offers Secure Storage

Whether it’s local or long distance, moving is stressful, and even more so if you have to worry about storing some (or all) of your belongings for a period of time. Who are you going to trust for secure storage of your household goods? A reliable moving company like Jay’s Moving Saskatchewan provides:

  • Secure short term storage;
  • Safe long term storage in a climate controlled warehouse, and
  • Access to approved storage facilities across the country so that you can store your shipment close to your destination.

Jay’s Moving Saskatchewan will assign a moving consultant to oversee all aspects of your move, including storage. During your in-home survey, the moving consultant will determine exactly what your storage needs are, including:

  • Exactly what items you need to store;
  • How long you will require storage for your goods, and
  • The best solutions for your storage needs.

Moving Storage Options

Your moving consultant can detail the options available for storage including:

  • Trailer storage; suitable for short term storage needs, your shipment will simply remain on the trailer inside one of our secure yards.
  • Warehouse storage, where your belongings will be stored in a climate controlled secure warehouse until you are ready to receive it, and
  • Container storage, which means your shipment will be packed into a container, and the container will be off-loaded and stored in a protected facility until you need it.

If possible, it’s a good idea to visit the warehouse where your shipment will be stored so you can see for yourself how secure, clean and organized it is.

You should find that:

  • Everything going into storage is well wrapped to prevent it getting dirty or damaged.
  • Most items are being placed in dedicated containers, but
  • Some furniture may be put in special racks designed to store them efficiently.

You will find it reassuring to see firsthand how your valuable possessions will be stored in a secure, well organized facility.

Coverage for your belongings is available. Please talk to your moving consultant.

It’s important to choose the right moving company, particularly when you need to store your shipment, either short or long term. Choose a reliable moving company like Jay’s Moving Saskatchewan, we are:

  • Affiliated with Atlas Van Lines,
  • Operate with modern, well maintained equipment and facilities, and
  • Have a reputation for stellar customer service.

You will have peace of mind knowing that our moving company will provide professional service both during your move and throughout the time you have items stored with us.

Whether your move is local or long distance, whether your moving storage needs short or long term, you can trust Jay’s Moving Saskatchewan; we are a reliable moving company and can provide storage options across Canada.

We have just this past week engaged your company to move us from Calgary to Okotoks. I am writing to commend you on the excellent job you did for us. This has been, by far, the best service that we have ever received in the many moves that we have made. The young men who did the packing were very pleasant, polite and careful with our belongings. Every box and piece of furniture were placed in the correct room of our new home with out any damage to walls, or to the contents. I feel that this kind of service should not go unrecognized. I would without hesitation recommend your company to anyone thinking of moving. Again thank you for the excellence with which you serve. Have a wonderful day!

Blain and Carol MacLeod

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