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Long Term Moving Storage from Jay’s Moving Saskatchewan

If you need long term moving storage for all or part of your household belongings, Jay’s Moving Saskatchewan can help. We offer long term storage (over 60 days) at many locations across Saskatchewan and into Alberta and even further through our affiliation with Atlas Van Lines.

Long Term Storage Options

Jay’s has climate controlled, alarmed and monitored warehouses to protect your possessions for both short term and long term moving storage. We will place your belongings (still in boxes or protective padding and wrappings) inside a 250 cubic foot container or (for certain items) on specially designed racks in the warehouse for safe long term storage. 

  • If you are moving overseas for a while, you may choose to leave some items in storage until your return.
  • Perhaps you expect to be travelling for an extended period and need secure storage for household belongings that you won’t require until your globetrotting has come to an end. We can store your goods and then ship them to you whenever and wherever you are ready to receive them.
  • Sometimes people need long term local storage because of flood or other disaster. Jay’s can safely store your things until your disaster recovery is complete and when you need your household items we will deliver them to your new (or rebuilt) home.

Jay’s Moving Saskatchewan warehouse facilities are government approved and inspected regularly. Stringent requirements must be met or the storage facility could be shut down, so we are very careful with the maintenance of our operations.

Coverage for your belongings is available. Please ask your moving consultant for more information.

Through our affiliation with Atlas Van Lines we can offer modular transportation and storage, this option is only available at certain centres. Ask your moving consultant about it!

Some of our Saskatchewan locations offer self storage for those who need access to their goods periodically, your moving consultant or your local Jay’s Moving office can provide further details about self storage.

Jay’s Moving Saskatchewan is pleased to offer all these options for long term moving storage so that you can choose the long term storage that fits your needs. Call us at (877) 715-7421 for more information about long term moving storage.

My mom has mentioned a couple of times that she wants to tell you she was very impressed with your movers.  I'm sure if she sees you, she will mention it to you personally, but I know she was very happy with how it went.

As you know, moving can be a stressful event, but Jay's certainly stepped up to the plate and alleviated that stress for my mom and I am personally grateful for the professionalism and politeness your movers extended to my mom.

Very best regards,

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