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Short Term Moving Storage from Jay’s Moving Saskatchewan

Jay’s Moving Saskatchewan offers short term moving storage or storage-in-transit for up to 60 days if your require it as part of your relocation.

Short Term Storage Options

If you require overnight or very short term storage during your local or long distance move,talk to your moving consultant for storage options.

For short term storage of more than a few days, Jay’s will place your shipment inside our secure warehouse.

Jay’s Moving Saskatchewan’s warehouse facilities are government approved and inspected on a regular basis. Stringent requirements must be met or the storage facility could be shut down, so we take great care with the maintenance of our operations.

While your shipment is in short term storage, either inside a trailer or in one of our warehouses, your moving contract remains in effect.

Jay’s Moving Saskatchewan can provide secure short term moving storage for your personal belongings during the course of your local or long distance move. Ask your moving consultant about it.

... We have moved several times over the years - including an overseas relocation, so have had many experiences dealing with moving companies. No one can compare with the service we received through Jay’s. None of our items were damaged and all my plants survived which came as an enormous relief! I would not hesitate to recommend Jay’s in the future.

Thanks So Much!!
Marcy Adams
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