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Moving Costs

Have you ever wondered how moving companies like Jay’s Moving Saskatchewan figure out moving costs? We use a consistent method to calculate your moving price which is dependent on the weight of your shipment and the distance from point of origin to final destination.

Sometimes moving companies will offer weight estimates based on how many rooms are in your home, but we find that this can be wildly inaccurate. The usual presumption is 1000 pounds per room, but in our experience every move is different and the actual weight can fluctuate greatly.

Jay’s will send an experienced moving consultant to conduct an in-home survey, or if that’s proves impossible we will conduct an in depth phone interview to establish exactly what belongings you need to relocate. This thorough assessment will provide the information needed to determine an accurate moving weight from which we can calculate your moving cost.

Moving costs are based on both the weight of your shipment and the distance of your relocation, using a tariff schedule that provides a transportation rate per hundred pounds for different weight categories. The rate per hundred pounds decreases as the weight category increases, and vice versa. Within each weight category there is a weight known as the breakeven point. This is the weight where the transportation charges calculated using the hundred pound rate for the actual weight becomes higher than the transportation charges calculated using the hundred pound rate and starting weight of the next weight category. In such cases your transportation charges will be calculated using the hundred pound rate and starting weight of the next weight category.

Other charges that may impact your moving costs include:

  • Ferry fares;
  • Bridge tolls;
  • Fuel surcharges;
  • Stair or elevator charges, and
  • City service charges.

You can reduce your moving costs by:

  • Packing your own belongings;
  • Disconnecting and having appliances ready to go;
  • Being organized on both ends of your relocation, and
  • For local moves, disassembling items (like beds) that require disassembly for moving.

Local moves may be able to get a better rate by avoiding month-end, ask your consultant about it!

Local moves within city limits or within a particular surrounding area of each city are generally charged at an hourly rate. A moving truck and workers will load, transport and unload your belongings into your new residence. If you are organized you may reduce moving costs by cutting down the time it takes to perform the move!

Dependable movers like Jay’s, your Saskatchewan moving company rely on a proven technique to provide accurate moving estimates and we can help you keep your moving costs under control by offering tips to help with organization – just ask us! Call 1(877) 715-7421 now.

...thank you for your part in seeing that we had a very successful move. We certainly would use Jay’s again, should circumstances warrant another move and will certainly recommend Jay’s Moving & Storage.

Al & Sandra Betts
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