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Moving Your Plants Safely

House PlantsMoving plants requires careful planning because plants are sensitive to temperature change and air quality. Not providing a temperature controlled environment when moving your valuable plants could prove fatal. In addition, if you are moving cross-border, check with your mover to determine if you will be allowed to take your plants. It may be impossible or prohibitively expensiveto move plants internationally, or even across Canada because of laws that are intended to prevent the spread of certain pests and diseases.

Transporting plants in the trunk of your car is not recommended because the temperature may swing wildly, effectively cooking or freezing the plants.

Jay’s Moving has temperature controlled trucks that will transport your plants in an appropriate environment. These trucks and vans are generally used by growers but can accommodate your plants for a fee. However, space is limited and you will have to drop off and pick up from designated terminals.

Call Jay’s at 1(877) 715-7421 for an estimate for moving plants. We will move them safely to your new home.

It is advisable when moving plants to prepare them carefully. Here is a detailed guide on how to ready your plants for moving day:

  • 3 Weeks before: To avoid breakage, repot plants into plastic containers ideallyof the same size as the ones they are in presently. This will ensure a snug fit and lessen the chances of them tipping out during shipping;
  • 2 Weeks: Prune plants for easy packing and to ensure good health. Simply cut back newer growth using sharp pruners or scissors. Don’t overprune, you may need to remove more foliage if it’s damaged in shipping. Succulents like cacti, jade plants and ferns do not respond well to pruning;
  • 1 Week: Inspect plants carefully for insects or disease and treat if necessary. Pesticides may contain harmful chemicals so use them with care; there are environmentally safer products that are readily available now. Ask at your local garden centre, they can advise you on the best products;
  • 2 days: Ensure adequate watering because over-watered plants are susceptible to damaging fungus growth during transit, while under-watered plants could dry out and expire before reaching their destination; and
    • Moving Day: Pack your plants in the morning, or the night before in a sturdy box, which the mover can supply;
    • Stuff paper around the pot to hold it in place;
    • Cushion branches and leaves with soft paper. Damp paper is not recommended because wet plants are more vulnerable to disease;
    • Punch air holes in the box, fasten the lid, and
    • Set the boxes upright and mark clearly.
    House Plant

Plants prepared in this manner will be ready to travel safely for up to four days.

You can trust Jay’s Moving & Storage to move your plants safely. Contact us at 1(877) 715-7421 right away!

 Last December I had booked Jay's to pack and move the contents of our son's home in Regina.  I certainly appreciated the in home visit from your moving consultant and his trainee.  On Thursday, Dec. 11/14 two Jay’s workers arrived at the house to pack the contents and did so in record time.  They did a very good job and were very careful when wrapping and packing the items.

On Friday, Dec. 12th three fellows from Moose Jaw and one from Regina showed up to move the contents.  These young fellows worked very hard, seldom took a break and handled the furniture and boxes with care.

I felt it was important to let Jay's know they have six very good employees that worked diligently to do their job to the best of their ability, were very pleasant and certainly gave Jay's a great reputation.  If I hear of anyone looking for a moving company, I will be recommending Jay's

Thank you,
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