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It’s a good idea to get moving quotes from several companies when you are trying to decide which moving company to hire. You may be tempted to save some time by contacting an online broker who can provide quotes from multiple companies, but Jay’s Moving Saskatchewan would like to explain why this might not necessarily be a good plan.

First, because online moving services brokers are not movers! They are go-betweens who pass your information on to moving companies for a fee. So they profit from passing your information on as many times as they can, rather than helping you connect with the best movers available. And once this information is out of their hands they can’t control what happens to it so it may be passed on further to third parties.

The information that you will be asked to provide usually includes your:

  • Name;
  • Phone number;
  • Email, and
  • Postal code

As well, you will be asked for the basic details of your relocation, like the date you need to move and the location of your new home. It might seem easier than dealing directly with the movers yourself, but you lose control over who can access this information when you provide it to an online broker.

There is usually a form to complete that lists your household goods and this will be used by the moving companies to provide your moving quotes.

So after you have done this work and submitted your info, you will receive moving quotes from a number of companies. Because these quotes are based on the information from the form you completed, they may or may not be accurate depending on the thoroughness of the form, as well as your ability to correctly gauge how many moving boxes of varying sizes you are going to need.

What if you require third party services like appliance disconnection and reconnection?

Who will help you determine exactly what services you need and give you an accurate assessment of your shipment?

Wouldn’t it be better to talk to a professional moving consultant who is knowledgeable about all aspects of moving?

The unreliability of online moving quotes is their greatest shortcoming. Because they don’t make a proper assessment of your shipment, the quote is very likely to be inaccurate. If you discover this once your belongings are loaded on their truck it might result in a situation where you must pay out a higher sum than you expected, to get your things back!

Moving companies that get your info from online brokers may or may not be reputable, and it’s up to you to check them out. Unfortunately, it’s true that dealing with online brokers increases the risk of fraud. You might receive moving quotes that are deliberately low to convince you to hire a dishonorable company who will hold your belongings hostage for a larger payout.

At Jay’s, your Saskatchewan moving company, we are confident that you will get better moving quotes and have a better relocation experience overall if you deal directly with us. We can provide personal service including an in-home survey to assess your shipment accurately, or if that isn’t possible, we can offer an in-depth phone survey to go over in detail everything that you need moved so we can give you an accurate moving estimate.

Call us at 1 (877) 715-7421 or fill out the moving estimate request form on this page.

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... We have moved several times over the years - including an overseas relocation, so have had many experiences dealing with moving companies. No one can compare with the service we received through Jay’s. None of our items were damaged and all my plants survived which came as an enormous relief! I would not hesitate to recommend Jay’s in the future.

Thanks So Much!!
Marcy Adams
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