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Moving Supplies and Packing Materials

Moving supplies and packing materials available for purchase from Jay’s Moving Saskatchewan include:

  • 2 cube (small) - These cartons work well for packing your books, magazines, photo albums, canned goods, grain products, hand tools and other small but heavy items.
  • 4 cube (medium) - The right carton for packing your small lampshades, small kitchen appliances (toasters, coffee maker, can opener or iron), pots and pans, shoes, hats and small breakables.
  • 5 cube (large) - Large cartons are good for packing your lampshades and medium sized kitchen appliances (upright mixer, wok, etc.), as well as bedding and linen.
  • China Cartons - Are suitable for packing your dinner place settings, stemware, crystal or glassware, figurines, table lamps, vases and small pictures.
  • Flat Screen TV Carton - A specially designed carton that provides added protection when transporting your flat screen TV
  • Small Mirror Carton - For your smaller pictures, artwork, mirrors and other high-value items, this carton measures approximately 37"x4"x26".
  • Large Mirror Carton - For packing your larger pictures, artwork, glass tabletops and mirrors, measuring approximately 48"x4"x33".
  • Wardrobe carton with bar - The right container to pack your hanging garments, this also works well for drapes or curtains. . Each carton holds approximately 2-3 feet of closet space.
  • Crib Mattress Bag - To protect your infant’s bed.
  • Mattress Bag - Available in single, double, queen or king sizes.
  • Gun carton - Specially designed to hold your firearms.
Other packing materials available from Jay’s:
  • Packing Tape;
  • Paper;
  • Bubble Wrap;
  • Stretch Wrap, and
  • Office Move tags

Purchasing these quality moving supplies and packing materials from Jay’s Moving Saskatchewan can help you pack your belongings more securely to prevent damage during shipping. Or if it seems like too much work, we can do the packing for you!

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