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Something that most people are unaware of is that the moving industry has been deregulated. What that means is that anybody who has a truck and a phone can call themselves a mover. Reliable moving companies like Jay’s Moving Saskatchewan want you to understand why you should base your decision about which moving company to hire on factors other than just the estimated moving price.

Many people assume that there are government imposed regulations pertaining specifically to the moving industry when in fact, there aren’t.

Moving companies are required to follow laws pertaining to trucking hours of service, which regulate how many hours a driver (logging time) is allowed to work, within specific parameters. Beyond these laws, there is little control, and no explicit rules to address issues within the moving industry.

Reliable movers like Jay’s who have built a good reputation within the industry, practice self-regulation. We employ a compliance officer; a dedicated staff member who is reponsible for all safety and compliance issues. This person tracks drivers, vehicles, training and maintenance to ensure that the entire business operates in a safe, efficient manner.

Every transportation company has a carrier profile (accessible to the public) listing inspections to equipment and any violations. A company with a poor record might have difficulty registering their vehicles – government licensing and registration monitors all carrier profiles.

More information about Jay’s record of safety and customer satisfaction can be found through the Canadian Association of Movers (CAM) and the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Jay’s good reputation is bolstered by our affiliation with Atlas Van Lines, which also demonstrates our ability to provide moving services across Saskatchewan, throughout North America, and further. In our day-to-day operations we implement the policies and procedures put into place by Atlas to help ensure a consistency of service.

We also reinforce our commitment to safety and quality of service by following the regulations of various entities. Jay’s Moving adheres to the rules of:

  • Local business licensing regulations;
  • The National Safety Code;
  • The Workers’ Compensation Board of Canada, and
  • The Transport Canada Acts and Regulations.

Safety and adherence to regulations might not be at the top of your list of things to consider when choosing a moving company, but these qualities give credibility to our professionalism and reliability. And in the moving industry, reliability really does confer value!

You can trust Jay’s Moving Saskatchewan, we are a licensed, reliable moving company with an excellent record of customer service, call us today at (877) 715-7421!

I did get another quote from a reputable moving company and it actually came in a few hundred dollars lower than yours. You were the difference. I felt you knew exactly what you were doing when you were here, and when we spoke on the phone. I did not get that “vibe” from the other estimator and thought our actual moving cost would vary greatly from his estimate. You made me feel completely comfortable with your friendly attitude, even through our changes.

Thanks again.

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